Ai and Mako Terada
Ai Mako
Brief information
First appearance: Digimon Tamers
Partner: Impmon
Status: Alive
Date of birth: Unknown

Ai and Mako Terada are fellow Tamers, possibly the youngest in their group and although they are young they have developed a mature personality over time.

Appearances Edit

Digimon Tamers Edit

It is first found out that in the seriews, Impmon was their partner, but they constantly treated him like a toy and thus he departed. Having no knowledge whatsoever in the series, regarding the Tamers and the Digimon, they continued with their lives.

Later on, Impmon returns to the two, and as the two felt great shame for how they treated him in the past they decided to ask him for forgiveness. He did accept that forgiveness, becoming a family once again. Later on, after Impmon finds out that the other Tamers are fighting off the D-Reaper, he decides to join them, but before his departure Mako gave him a toy gun which was later used in one of Beelzemon's atacks, and Ai gave him a kiss before departuring.

Very little is known about them, regarding themselves and their parents and what happened to them after their partner left to the Digital World.

Dimensions Edit

The two have now aged and gained a little bit more maturity and experience regarding themselves as Tamers and how they must act, but are still kept on the sidelines for most events for their protection and because their partner can reach the mega level without any kind of assistance. In Book 7, they are left behind during the mass evacuation by the tamers and digimon simply because no one knew how to contact them since their young age generally keeps them away from the main group's interactions. Their partner wanted to go get them once he learned that no one had tried to warn them, but was prevented by Rayleigh's trap and was forced to flee to the Digital World. They try to locate Impmon on their own once it becomes apparent their partner is in some kind of trouble, but ultimately fail. They are found by a pair of police who are technically supposed to bring in any tamers, but simply take them home because of their young ages.

Trivia Edit

  • Somehow, the kids' ages don't seem to change that much as the years pass. Due to the fact that until Book Seven, they were still 5 years old. But this could be just an honest mishap.

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