Dimensions Book Seven: Escapes
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Brief information
Published: 4th March 2009
Completed: N/A
Status: In progress
Type: Core book
Universe(s): Post-Cataclysm Universe
Primary characters: Not yet revealed.
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Dimensions Book Seven: Escapes will be the seventh book in the Dimensions series, set in 2011. Rayleigh's plan reaches its final phase, and the Tamers are forced to go on the run. But with more people along for the ride and a whole country after them, things are about to get a lot more deadly too, particularly when ghosts from the past begin knocking on the door.

Threatened with loss of all they hold dear, the Tamers are faced with the ultimate choice: to die, or escape. From Tokyo? From the Real World? Or, for one character, from the whole universe altogether?

Plot Edit

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Story Order Edit

Preceeded by: Dimensions Book Six: Tricks
Succeeded by: Dimensions Book Eight: Parallels

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Dimensions Book Seven Promo under CC Licence

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