Dimensions Book Thirteen: Realities
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Published: TBA
Completed: N/A
Status: Not yet started
Type: Core book
Universe(s): TBA
Primary characters: Not yet revealed.
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Dimensions Book Thirteen: Realities will be the thirteenth and penultimate book in the Dimensions series, set in 2029.

Time. Space. Matter. Dimensions. Humanity. Thoughts. Existence. All are rearranged as a force corrupts through the universes, leaving our heroes unbeknownst of its effects. Some find themselves destroyed, helpless in a world that shouldn't exist. Others find themselves fighting the same old fight, going on to battle. And in the midst of it all, a couple find love, heartbreak and despair.

Who is Mari Flynn?

What are the Angels and the Demons?

And can anyone possibly stop the destruction?

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Preceeded by: Dimensions Book Twelve: Truths
Succeeded by: Dimensions Book Fourteen: Ends

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