Datamon is a small Machine Digimon used for restoring computer data. He is very good at fixing and using electrical equipment, but he does not work well with people. He was once a Vaccine Digimon used to restore crashed computers, but he was attacked by a strong Virus Digimon, which destroyed his logic circuits and made him run wild. Despite his small stature, Datamon can easily delete bigger and stronger Digimon.

A resident of Bolton, he first appears in Book Seven. He was in charge of running the communication system of the town due to his expertise with electrical equipment. Like many of the residents of Bolton, he has a Northern (British) accent. When he tried to help the group of humans and digimon who wandered into the area after fleeing from the human world (in his own, grumpy fashion), they actually made contact with the SDCO. In an attempt to boost the transmitting signal, however, the perpetual energy system (and protection around the city) was destroyed and everyone was left vulnerable to attack. Datamon managed to get the system back up temporarily, but it was known to be a short-lived victory. He was exhausting himself to keep the shield present for as long as possible until HiAndromon accidentally shorted it out in an attempt to help, forcing him to work even harder to try and repair the shield. Finally, he decided to call for help with the transmission machine, managing to get the attention of the Cult of Victory before passing out. When she and the other found him later, Jun (and everyone else) was surprised when she and Datamon became partners and she immediately used a card to heal him (it was a normal playing card that she wished into being a healing card). This enabled them to fix what was left to be repaired and to raise the protection around the city, keeping out the attacking digimon and the Juggarnaut program.