Guardromon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. An Android type, Guardromon is a protector by nature, a mechanical defense specialist who faithfully fights for justice. However, he tends to be rather foppish and frequently unlucky in his endeavors.


Guardromon's armored body is made of solid iron. He also has rocket jets mounted on his back.


Separated from the others, Rika's group encountered an Andromon who was trying to liberate a village of Gekomon from the control of Orochimon, who had enslaved them to mix milkshakes for him. Andromon was badly injured in the battle with the Tamers taking him to the Gekomon village, where they eventually managed to convince the Gekomon leader to give them some of the data packets from their drinks to heal Andromon. However, he had lost much of his energy from the fight and regressed into Guardromon as a result.

He helped the Tamers rescue Jeri Katou from Orochimon by conducting a plan of stowing away inside the drink barrels to get onto Orochimon’s island undetected. After Orochimon was destroyed, Guardromon became a Digimon partner to Kazu who helped out in the battles with Beelzemon and the D-Reaper.

Later on, during Dimensions, he gained the ability to Biomerge with Kazu to form HiAndromon. Furthermore, he also prevents DC from being hit by a vehicle after Kazu spotted the danger to the young boy and the champion stopped it.

Guardromon is a loyal partner to his tamer, though he does not always understand his sense of humor. He also has a habit of taking things literally.


  • Guardian Barrage (Destruction Grenade): He fires literally whistling missiles from the retractable missile launchers in his forearms.