Hajime Katou is the father of Jeri. He owns a tavern which Jeri helps waitress at.


Hajime is a very strict father, but overall he obviously loves his daughter. When Jeri suddenly went into the Digiworld without something to say, he was very angry. This anger did not die down, even when Jeri returned from the Digiworld.

Wanting Jeri to learn her lesson for acting so irresponsible and rebellious (in his eyes) he refused to come get her at the meeting point where the Ark emerged from the Digital World. Instead, he sent word that "If the ungrateful daughter wanted to, she could return home alone." Unknown to him and the rest of the Tamer cast his daughter was actually an impostor, a D-Reaper Agent.

When he found out that the real Jeri was kidnapped by D-Reaper, he rushed to her rescue, begging for her release and forgiveness. Out of desperation to free his daughter, he drove a van into the D-Reaper but was attacked by a large D-Reaper-agent. Fortunately he was saved from his predicament by Gallantmon.

He has proved at other points that he loves his daughter, including trying to protect her from a mob of angry people in Book Seven when they believe that the tamers have turned against them by Rayleigh's accusation that Rika murdered the Prime Minister.