Kenta Kitagawa is a character in the anime and manga series Digimon Tamers.

Kenta is a player of the card game, but he often loses to Kazu and has yet to win against him. Kenta often gets credit for the numerous jokes that Kazu tells throughout the season, as Kenta tends to be in on many of them, like the time he and Kazu pretended to be Digimon for Babamon and Jijimon when it was meant to be the other way around. He's soon Partnered with MarineAngemon.

Digimon TamersEdit

Kenta decided to go to the Digital World with the rest of the Tamers. Kenta was kind of jealous and upset that everyone had a Partner but him, which led him to pretend that he and Guilmon were Partners (temporarily), when he, Guilmon, and a few of the others became separated from Takato, Guilmon's rightful Partner.

As they left to return home, MarineAngemon falls from the sky, after Calumon evolves most of the Digital World's Digimon into their Mega form, and goes off again after Kenta shoos him off although the little Mega apparently grows very attached to him during this meeting. However, some time later, he appears inside Kenta's back pocket, together with a Digivice. This made Kenta the only Tamer to have a Mega Digimon for a partner. Kenta understands what MarineAngemon is saying, even though it says only a few words. Kazu points that out and is amazed by it. Kenta seems less amazed and doesn't even know how he translates as well as he does.

In Dimensions, Kenta's partner is only one of two who seems to be capable of fighting as a mega without Biomerging (the other is Beelzemon). Though Kenta seems to be out of the spotlight in most events, even missing out on events like Chiyo Suzume's attempt to have the girls kill their boyfriends, he seems to be gaining some development lately as he begins to form a relationship with a classmate named Miki Nakajima. This relationship continues to grow when she is brought along to the Digital World and ends up in his group of tamers, digimon, and family members.