MarineAngemon is a fictional character from the Digimon franchise. A Pixie Digimon small in size ( He is about the size of a small cat), he is said to dwell in the Internet Ocean, though he is rarely seen even by other marine Digimon. Despite his name, MarineAngemon has no known association with Angemon and his Digivolution. It is thought in some places that MarineAngemon is related to the Gomamon ascensions, though this fact is not seen on the series. Though not a fighter as he hates violence, he does have power and deals with his attackers in non-violent ways. But like Kenta, his partner, has said, 'He's a digimon of few words (MarineAngemon usually just chirps in a high-pitched voice).


He possesses a Power Ring as a collar on his neck. He seems to be based on the Clione or sea angel.


A MarineAngemon was among the Mega Level Digimon in Digimon Tamers that appeared to help the Sovereign fight the D-Reaper. Instead, MarineAngemon liked Kenta so much that he even became his partner. Though quite powerful, MarineAngemon was an unlikely ally during the battle against the D-Reaper as his love-based attacks frightened the Jeri-Type Agent, as the D-Reaper was powered only by Jeri's negative emotions. Also when the Digimon returned to the Digital World, MarineAngemon was the only Digimon who did not regress to his In-Training form, as he was already small enough to fit in the dimensional gate.

He continues to play a supportive role rather than a direct attacker in most confrontations. This strategy works well considering his abilities and the fact there are far more mega-level digimon who specialize in offensive attacks. He is also one of two partner digimon who can operate at the mega level without Biomerging (the other is Beelzemon). His hearts have proven especially helpful at protecting vulnerable humans on the battlefield.


  • Kahuna Waves (Ocean Love): MarineAngemon spits out heart-shaped bubbles from his mouth that can either heal allies or cause harm to his enemies by bursting on contact and surrounding them in a burning pink aura, depending on which purpose MarineAngemon wants his attack to serve.