The Minato Tamers, most of whom are also known as the Former Digidestined, are those with a connection to the area of Odaiba in Minato Ward.

In Digimon Adventure, the DigiDestined are chosen by unseen digital beings who wish to help the Digital World. There is no information on who chooses the DigiDestined of Adventure 02, though it is likely that it is the Harmonious Ones. Most DigiDestined become one by seeing or interacting with Digimon in the Real World, and it is the discovery of this point that helps drive the Adventure DigiDestined's search for their missing eighth member.

Although it has been stated that the first set of DigiDestined from Adventure are chosen because of an earlier battle between Greymon and Parrotmon, the second set of DigiDestined are chosen because of various things that the original group did. Yolei Inoue becomes one because she witnessed the battle with Diaboromon on the internet, Cody Hida is chosen because he was in the plane that Garudamon and MegaKabuterimon saved from crashing when the sky opened, and Davis Motomiya was part of the group of people who were being held inside the convention center when Myotismon was searching for the eighth DigiDestined.

In addition, Ryo was originally part of the Digidestined's universe, but was actually referred to a tamer rather than a Digidestined from the start. Though he remains a close friend to Ken, he generally is more likely to be found with the tamers in Takato's group. Recently, Davis' sister, Jun Motomiya joined the ranks of tamers. While she had never been a "Digidestined," her location, her better familiarity with the members of the Digidestined (both the younger and older generations), and because of her direct relation to one of the group's "Goggle-heads," she is also listed as a Minato tamer.