Originally just the teacher for Takato Matsuki, Jeri Katou, Kazu Shioda, and Kenta Kitagawa

Nami Asagi eventually becomes the teacher for several of the tamers. She often suffers from migraines caused by stress (usually related to one of the tamers). She may have to deal with the problems related to the tamers, but she manages to keep control of her unusual assortment of students (including the current incarnations of Chaos and Harmony) except for one occasion where the entire class dissolved into a mob scene in Book Six.

She has been the teacher for Chiyo Suzume, Mari Flynn, Ryder Stevens, and Sakura Yuuna. She also became Rika Nonaka's teacher after the girl transferred to the school in Extra Dimensions, chapter two (which is set between Book Two and Book Three). When Rika's pregnancy is revealed to the class in Book Six, Asagi attempts (and fails) to regain a state of order, but ends up following the teenager girl to try and offer comfort. By Book Seven, she is demonstrated to have a closer relationship with Rika than the other tamers she has as students, allowing the girl to refer to her as "Nami".

Of the non-tamer students, she also teaches Ayaka Itou and Miki Nakajima, both of whom accompany the tamers upon their escape from Rayleigh Thompson during the aftermath of the Prime Minister's murder. Nami Asagi ends up in the Digital World after following Takato and Rika from the school to the park.