Tamers in this series are chosen essentially by the will of DigiGnomes, who either transform Digimon cards into Blue Cards which turn card-reading devices into D-Powers or simply outright gifting Tamers with D-Powers. There is initially some conflict over the roles of Tamers; Takato Matsuki, for example, enjoys simply raising his partner, while Rika Nonaka actively seeks battle to be the strongest.

The humans in this series are Tamers. Despite this, in the English dub of Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers, the first Tamers movie, Omnimon mistakenly calls the Tamers "DigiDestined".

After the tamer universe and the Digidestined universe collapse upon each other, the groups of tamers begin to be arranged by territory. Some of these tamers did not join the group until after the realities collapsed upon each other and include a time traveler, a dimension traveler, and other new arrivals.

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