Shizue Katou es la segunda esposa de Tadashi Katou, y la madre adoptiva de Jeri .

Shizue is a very quiet woman and a loving mother. Her relationship with Jeri is quite good, so when Jeri took off and disappeared into the Digiworld, she was worried.

When Jeri returned, Jeri's father was angry, but Shizue was just relieved to have Jeri back home safe and tried to calm her husband down but unfortunately without success.

Moreover, Shizue has a son named Masahiko. She also tried to prevent her husband from becoming aggre

Shizue Katou
Brief information
First appearance: Digimon Tamers
Partner: None
Status: Undead
Date of birth: 2047
ssive with the angry crowd after Jeri and Elecmon.