Zach Strafer
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Brief information
First appearance: Stratagems
Partner: Candlemon
Status: Dead(?)
Date of birth: 7th April 2009

Zach Strafer is a main character in Stratagems. He is a bold, flirtatious, and easy-going teen from the United States. Bored with life, he and his partner, Candlemon, travel to Japan in hopes of finding adventure(And in Zach's case, a girl.) Little does he know, he's getting much more than he hoped for.

Character Edit

"When I got Candlemon that day, I was looking forward to adventures galore! The glamour! The girls! The getting-the-crap kicked outta ya!"~Zach Strafer

 Before Zach was born, the original Tamers defeated the D-Reaper and saved the world. Zach grew up with stories of Digimon, and oh how he wanted one of his own. After going through much of his life, hearing about (and sometimes witnessing) the events of books 6-12, he finally met a Digimon Partner of his own, a simple rookie named Candlemon.

But the Tamer life wasn't as glorious as he thought it would be. Zach thought that if he had a Digimon, he'd be fighting bad guys every waking moment, but that time never came. So he spent a lot of his life on the computer, and was a regular member of Digital Watch. Seeing so many stories about Digimon-related events happening in Japan, his lust for adventure just continued to grow.

After many years of waiting, he finally managed to get his parents to send him to Japan with Candlemon. Finally! A chance at action! So off he went to the land of the rising sun, and with little-to-no knowledge of the Japanese language. But he didn't care, he just wanted adventure!

Unfortunately, his vacation was cut short when a booming voice declared war on the Real world and the Digital World. Sending small spherical Digimon called Artmon out on the world, the voice declared itself the lord and master of both worlds and the Artmon started to wipe out the Human and Digital race. Almost immidiately after, he was saved by a girl and her Digimon, at the cost of her partner's life. The girl was named Asuka Kumiko, and Zach promised that he'd never put her in harm's way, and that he'd stick with her to the end. Whether this is because of his flirtatious attitude, or true dedication to one's life, is unknown.

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